I got tired of beating the bushes every month for referrals. And, that’s when I turned $709 into $3,060 in new projects.

Warning: Keep an open mind.

You’re most likely not a web designer, but web design is simply a service. So, if you provide a service I think you’ll get a lot out of this article.

Here’s the story…

Back in November of 2015 I decided I wanted to see if I could get new clients by advertising.

I’ve been in business since 2008, but for years I was getting all my customers in one of two ways: Referrals or Networking Events (probably sounds familiar)

Pretty much I wanted to sell a website without having to go through all the pointless small talk just to potentially meet someone who knew someone else who was looking for a website. (So, essentially a lot of work for a cold call)

So, I created a website called WebDesign395 and ran ads on Bing ads. (Cheaper than AdWords)

It took a few tweaks and some wasted money to figure it out, but it eventually worked.

I was able to cut through all the B.S. and talk to potential customers who already knew they wanted my service.

It’s a magical feeling talking to someone who contacted you from an ad.

It’s Like paying a small fee to skip all the small talk & phone-tag, so you can get to the point and start discussing the details of the customers project. (You know the part you actually like)

So, here’s exactly what I did to make it happen…

1. Ad Copy

Don’t get hung up on the price. I lowed ball the market and realized later from several new customers that they were more than happy to pay more.
So, learn from my mistake!

Ad 1

$395 Website Design
Don’t Spend a Single Dime. Get a FREE Website Mockup Today!

Ad 2

$395 Website Development
Don’t Spend a Single Dime. Get a FREE Website Mockup Today!

2. Keywords

My CPC bid for all these keywords was $2.50 and my average CPC was $1.80.

And, I only used Modified Broad (+), Phrase (“”) and Exact ([]) match types. (Broad match gets a lot of junk search terms)

Also, beware of the content bid. Bing ads will default to showing your ads on their content network. You’ll get a ton of clicks, but they’ll be junk and a waste of money.

Go to Ad group settings and under “Ad distribution” deselect “Content network”

Lastly, regularly check your search terms and add any irrelevant terms as negative keywords, e.g. Free, Tutorials, etc…

  • Ad Group 1
    • +web +design
    • “web design”
    • [web design]
  • Ad Group 2
    • +web +development
    • “web development”
    • [web development]

3. Landing Page


4. Lead Magnet

The lead magnet was the free mockup. The reason I believe this lead magnet converted well is because there is an inherent value to the potential client.

Note: If you’re not a web designer a couple lead magnets you could use are:

  • Free Estimate
  • Free Inspection
  • Buyer’s Guide to [Your Service]
    Examples: Buyers Guide to Replacing Your Furnace, Buyers Guide to Garage Doors, etc…

And, this gets a very natural conversation started discussing specific project details.

Also, during the mockup I made sure to use specific details about their business. It’s important to demonstrate that you understand their problem or what they want – and not be tempted to use boilerplate information.

If you’re providing a free estimate – I suggest using parts of the customer’s description and not over use industry jargon.

5. Email Copy

When sending your first email it’s important to use plain language and write as if you’re writing to a friend. This may seem unprofessional, but it works.

Also, keep in mind a client doesn’t care about you – only what you’re going to do for them.

Begin Email


First of all, really glad you chose us to work with.

Second… I’m a real guy creating your mockup (not some magical web software)

So, before I start – I had a couple questions…

Do you have any images or colors you’d like me to use?
This one is optional: 1 or 2 links to any website(s) you like.

A quick reply would really help. And, it really speeds up the whole process too :)


Nick Eldred

End Email


I know I didn’t come close to explaining every detail. So, please fire away with questions.