Do you want customers accidentally coming to your house? Easily setup a PO Box for your business.

Small businesses often have a meager start, but they have the potential to grow big. This is why some of the most successful businesses in America started out of the back of a pickup truck, a garage, or even a kitchen table.

One of the many challenges that these successful businesses once faced was how to appear professional. And, they knew it was important that potential customers perceive them as true professionals. Because a higher degree of professionalism results in a higher degree of trustworthiness with their clients.

Whether you’re a plumber, a garage door installer, a carpet cleaner or another local business, one big thing you can do to upgrade your appearance is to set up a PO Box. This can act as a substitute for your home address without requiring you to spend a small fortune renting an office.

Benefits of having a PO Box for your Business

There are a number of unique benefits when it comes to opting for a PO Box over a home address for your business…

  • Looking professional
  • Keep customers or potential customer from accidentally coming to your home
  • Further separating of your personal and business life
  • Can be used in email marketing – which requires at least a PO Box be provided in every email

Privacy and Security

A PO Box can obscure your home address, which in turn greatly heightens the security of everything that you own.

If you deal with checks, money orders or even money, a PO Box will be invaluable in ensuring that your payments stay secure.

A PO Box can also make it harder for individuals to solicit your business. You are unlikely to have people showing up at your PO Box to sell you items, ask for business opportunities, or request work.

The last major benefit of a PO Box in terms of privacy and security is that your mail will generally have a greater degree of reliability. This is because the route from the mail system to the PO Box is shorter and less prone to errors than the routes that USPS workers take to deliver mail to your home.

Functional Use

Another benefit of a PO Box for your business is the way a PO Box can separate your personal mail from your business mail. This makes it that much harder for invoices, inquiries and other pieces of postage to get lost. Or, in the hands of little Mikey and his markers :)

How Can You Get a PO Box for Your Business?

Getting a PO Box for your business, or even for personal use, is simple.

The easiest way to acquire one is to:

  1. Register for a account.
  2. Locate an available PO Box near you.
  3. Fill out the form and print it.
  4. Pay with a credit or debit card.
  5. Bring the form, your receipt and two valid forms of ID to the nearby Post Office to finish the setup of your PO Box.


If you have any questions on setting up a PO Box please don’t hesitate to contact me.