Hey I can’t find you on Google. Are you still in business??

Guilty or Gluttony Admission…

I’ve been ordering Chinese from the same place for 3 years, and I still haven’t saved their phone number.

So, every time I get a craving for some General Tso’s Chicken I have to go to Google to look up their number.

I occasionally order from the wrong place…

The sad part is they’re probably the best Chinese food in town, but there’s a few other similar sounding Chinese restaurants listed before them on Google.

And, I’ve accidentally ordered from the wrong one a few times :)

Are you listed in the World Wide Phone Book?

Anyways, I’m tired of watching good businesses lose customers – just because they’re hard to find in this “World Wide Phone Book” that we call Google.

The thing is – it’s not hard getting listed, but it can be confusing…

It’s not always clear what steps to take. And, what order to complete them in.

And, it makes sense why most businesses don’t even bother. (they want to avoid spinning their wheels doing all this)

The 3 steps any business should follow…

To avoid all the head scratching and wasted time I created a 7 step checklist that any business should follow to make sure they’re listed in the World Wide Phone Book.

So, if you’re curious about your own listing at all. I suggest you download my checklist and complete at least steps 1 thru 3.

Download 7 Step Checklist:

Seriously… Make sure your customers aren’t ordering from the wrong place.